Monday, February 4, 2013


We had such a busy and fun weekend.  Along with three different parties that we attended I was able to take my daughter to meet one of her favorite authors, Victoria Kann.  The bookstore is located in a small town in Connecticut. It is a wonderful neighborhood bookstore that holds fabulous events and this one didn't disappoint.  I love how the store has quotes on the wall and I thought the heart garland made from book pages was darling.

Ms. Kann's newest book; "Emeraldalicious."  

While Ms. Kann read the book aloud, one of her daughter's turned the pages.  She interacted beautifully with the children in the audience.

And afterward my daughter had her book signed.  Ms. Kann really took the time to speak to each child.  She was lovely and so gracious.  She had packets of seeds, bookmarks, stickers and a pencil for each guest which my daughter loved.  It was definitely a highlight of our weekend.  I hope that your weekend was also filled with good friends, food, fun and a few good books too. 
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