Friday, December 28, 2012

merry christmas

We had such a lovely Christmas.  On the 23rd we took a trip on the Polar Express.  It's always magical and the kids love it.  So do we!
On Christmas Eve the children spent the morning making cookies for Santa.  We went to church at 4 and then my parents came over for dinner.  I made a baked shrimp scampi that we served over some red, green and white pasta.  We also had a delicious Cesar salad and some crusty bread.  For dessert we had peppermint stick ice cream with some homemade chocolate sauce.  While I was making the chocolate sauce the kids enjoyed decorating their homemade gingerbread houses. 

They also decided to make homemade chocolate milk for Santa.  They were so funny adding the chocolate to the milk and test tasting it until it was "perfect!"

Santa wrapped the children's gifts in different paper and left their stocking in front of their piles so there was no confusion. 


We had a traditional Irish breakfast with sausages and Irish beans and I made a baked french toast casserole.  It was delicious.

And we were all thrilled to wake up to snow!  It truly was magical.

Hope that you all had a magical Christmas too. 
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